Stress free, freaky fast prep for your Amazon store done for you at a low price.

We pride ourselves on being fast, friendly and fair. We have simple straightforward pricing you can understand. We are freaky fast and you can count on us. Breath easy, because we will prep the crap out of your stuff.

East Coast & West Coast

Enjoy affordable, efficient delivery, because we got a warehouse from sea to shining sea. We love this country so we don’t want to pollute the heck out of it trucking your freight from Cali to New Jersey. If you’re bringing in product from the west coast then ship to our Idaho location. If you’re comin’ in from the East coast… then ship it to our team in Jersey! We’ve got a warehouse in Pacific Time Zone and Eastern Time Zone, so we’ve got you covered.

It's Ameri-CAN not Ameri-CAN'T

We can prep just about ANYTHING.
We charge a flat rate. No minimums.
Sounds too good to be true? Well, believe it!
Why do we do it? Because, we love our customers.
Without them, our warehouse is just a big empty box.

Stress Free, We take care of it ALL.

Check'em Out

We check your products for any defects when we receive them (heck we'll even send you pictures) and ensure they meet Amazon's requirements, We'll count em, sign for em and check em to make sure you are getting what you paid for.

Stick'em Up

We apply FNSKU labels, expiration dates, and other required information to comply with Amazon's policies. We'll remove stickers and labels if necessary as well all for one flat rate. We don't nickel and dime you because you don't do that to your friends 😉

Wrapp'em Up

We poly bag your products and also provide suffocation warnings to ensure they comply with Amazon's policies. We have a flat bundle rate too! Once your product is tagged and bagged we re-pack it and stack it on a pallet where we wrap it tightly ready to be freighted away.

Ship'em Off

We can use your freight provider or offer to pull three quotes from our preferred vendor lists for you. We'll schedule a freight provider to come pick up your pallets and bring them to Amazon so you don't have to worry 'bout a thang.

We Pledge Allegiance to YOU...

No Minimimums

What can we say. We love American small businesses and we believe you have to start somewhere. We believe if you start with us, you'll stay with us.

Low Flat Rate Pricing

.85 cents per item + .45 cents for bundles. That's it. It's simple and easy for you to calculate before you even send us your inventory.

Talk to Someone

Reach our support team about your prep items whenever you need to. Nothing is worse than needing to get to someone quick and no one picks up the phone. We answer.

Freaky Fast Fulfillment

Once we receive your inventory and check it in we begin the prep process within 24 - 48 hours.

No Hidden Charges

Prep centers are notorious for adding charges for team lifts, moving things twice, insurance. We won't ever do that to you. No surprise costs. All of it's included even insurance.

Cheap Storage

While we are prepping your product you don't pay for storage. If you need us to hang onto it for a bit it's about the cost of a cheap storage unit.

Professional Photography

We offer professional product photography with high quality Canon EOS R cameras and lightboxes and L-series glass.

Shopify 3PL

We can split your order and prep part of it to sell on Amazon and half of it to be fulfilled by us via 3PL through your own Shopify storefront or Ecomm website!

Our Price is Right, & Right On.

No minimums. No surprise charges. No exceptions.
That’s a HUGE part of that is honest, flat-rate pricing.

You don't need a quote. Just get on our schedule.

We don’t build quotes or give estimates. Our pricing makes it THAT simple.  Take the number of your items and multiply it by .85 cents. If you want bundles then add the bundle charge. (Bundle charge is .45 cents for every two items)


Amazon Sellers of any size get the same great price. Let us prep you next shipment, satisfaction is guaranteed. And if you’ve never used a prep center then this is your sign! It’s time to team up with a professional prep center to free up more bandwidth so you can take your Amazon game to the next level.

Fill this form out with your contact info and our warehouse manager will be in touch same day or next day to work out the details and answer any other questions you may have. CHEERS!